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Investing in real estate development.


Investment information

High risk, potentially high returns

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High risk, potentially high returns

Every real estate development always starts with project development. When investing in project development, you literally invest in the development of a project, in territory and concept.  It is a short-term investment with a potentially higher average return.

There are risks of course. We know those risks, although we cannot always control them. Where possible, we eliminate those risks at an early stage and quickly respond to any changes, while remaining in full control over our own processes. By using our long-term experience in entrepreneurship, real estate development and managing of complex projects. Our in-house experts will turn every project into a success.

Our vision on development


Phillip Smits

Chief Executive Officer

To be able to fund project development, Blauwhoed is attracting funds from private investors or family offices. Project development proves an interesting investment strategy, because it provides a positive return on investment and it allows investors to provide a sustainable contribution to society, to residents and to districts. And to the future of the Netherlands as a whole.

Blauwhoed has a long and excellent track-record in project development. We are an experienced team. That believes and has faith in our own abilities. And we never lose sight of the wellbeing of the ultimate user when developing projects. That is what you get when investing with Blauwhoed.

We think in concepts and are able to see beyond a location and envision the opportunities such location offers. Opportunities that (apparently) do not exist yet. This is essential in terms of return on investment.

We are Blauwhoed.

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Why invest jointly with Blauwhoed?

  • We know the developments in the market
  • We have a large network of dedicated professionals
  • Potential high return on investment
  • Investors are co-owner of the development project
  • We have 400 years of experience

The fund.


Ernst Peeman

Chief Financial Officer

For each new project, Blauwhoed will set up a fund. And we will always co-invest in such fund, as shareholder. Why? Because Blauwhoed likes to work with investors to create new developments. We only set up a fond if we truly believe in a project.

What does an investment in project development entail?

Investing in project development.

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You are co-investing in the acquisition and planning of potential new project locations at an early stage. Locations, often brownfields (former industrial sites at the periphery of the city centre), selected by Blauwhoed. If the business case proofs to be feasible and realistic, we start looking for co-investors. Jointly with all investors, we set up a partnership to buy all real estate that will be (re)developed.

In addition, we may need a bank loan, depending on the business case. On behalf of the partnership, Blauwhoed will draw up the plan and bring it to market. Our customers are private and professional investors.

As soon as the real estate concept has been developed and sufficient property has been (pre)sold, we will hire a contractor to realise the project. We will keep all investors informed of the progress via the investor login page on this platform from the start of development. We will post clear quarterly reports regarding the financial progress and the progress of the project. The project offers a good return on investment the moment it is sold. The proceeds of the sale will be used to repay the investors that have invested in the project.


The former defence area Defensie-eiland has been transformed into a distinctive, high-quality residential area. An extension of Woerden’s city centre, with luxury apartments, large single-family homes and self-build houses. The old laundry building accommodates two restaurants, ensuring the island is more than just a living area. Blauwhoed developed the project in three phases and coordinated the entire process from ground exploitation to sale.


ParkEntree is the first residential area in the Netherlands specifically designed for the active senior. It is based on the principles of Senior Smart Living. Prevention of loneliness and mutual self-reliance are key. The general opinion is that seniors don’t move house. However, seniors were convinced by this living concept and decided to leave their ground-floor homes and move to the former Vogelaarwijk Nieuwland in Schiedam.

Meyster's Buiten

To create Meyster’s Buiten, the monumental Cereol factory and its surroundings were completely transformed. Turning Oog in Al into a vibrant living and recreational area, where reused and newly-built residences are harmoniously mixed. The former Cereol factory is the social heart of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Accommodating a restaurant, community centre, library, and an elementary school. It attracts a large variety of people.

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Compliance real estate investments.

Blauwhoed has been registered as an exempt manager with the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. It does not require authorisation to be able to manage an investment fund. To meet the guidelines of the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Dutch Wwft), Blauwhoed has to complete a Customer Due Diligence (CDD) procedure for all investors. You can find the CDD policy at the bottom of this page under “Other information’.